The Story of the "Inari"

Inari Consulting takes its name from Inari, the Japanese Shinto god of prosperity. The Inari deity takes on the form of a fox. Originally, Inari was believed to be the guardian of the rice fields and was responsible for a good harvest. Later, Inari became a more general representative of prosperity. Farmers and business people alike now pray to Inari for good fortune. Inari fox statues can be found at the entrance of "Inari" shrines throughout Japan.


The most famous of the 40,000 Inari shrines is "Fushimi Inari" in the beautiful City of Kyoto. This particular shrine is noted for its thousands of "torii" - red gates. These torii create a long walking passageway up the Inari mountain.

Inari Consulting wishes you the prosperity of the Inari for your business. May we help you achieve that goal?

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